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Mission and Values

Being incorporated in UniCredit Group of companies, UniCredit Fleet Management pursues a mission to create high value for the three most important Company’s components: clients, personnel and shareholders in the long run.

Mission and Values


  • Transparency We are open and uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.
  • Respect We commit ourselves to take into consideration all your needs.
  • Freedom to actWe take decisions, deliver advisory services and take due responsibility.
  • Trust We take responsibility to keep our promises and fulfill our commitments.
  • Equality We pay attention to your needs and are open to your ideas.

Our clients

Our clients are both large national and international companies and representatives of small and medium-sized businesses that need constant updating of their fleet and leasing solutions, in accordance with their specific needs.

With UniCredit Fleet Management, they have the opportunity to take advantage of better conditions and prices of car dealers and service providers.