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Golden Years

The existing pension system in Bulgaria is based on three pillars - public social insurance, supplementary mandatory scheme and supplementary voluntary scheme. 

Invest in Voluntary Pension Funds in order to ensure good living standard during your golden years following retirement.  Begin saving part of your income for pension as soon as possible.


  • 45-55 years old
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Golden Years

People at Тhis Age Often Say to Themselves:

Time is savings’ best friend. However, we usually remember them when it is too late and when we are pressed for time. When you get closer to retirement age, you should ask yourself some questions:

Can I afford to retire?

Will I be able to keep working after retirement age?

Apart from the state pension I am eligible for will I have any other sources of income such as an additional pension from a universal pension fund, rents from real estate?

If the answer to these questions is “no”, you should immediately consider the possibility of setting aside a portion of your income for a pension. It is never late to start saving.

What You Must Do?


  1. Make an estimate of the approximate pension you will receive. Go to
  2. Draw up a monthly budget and distribute the amounts reasonably, determining your priorities. First, allocate funds to cover your permanent and urgent expenses (loan installments, utility bills, food, etc.).
  3. Then, set aside an amount that will be saved on a monthly basis in an investment or a pension fund. Be reasonable but don't fear to save larger amounts. Set up an automatic transfer from the account your monthly salary is credited into.
  4. Visit  the nearest location of UniCredit Bulbank. Our advisors will offer you products which suit your profile and goals.

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