Self-service zones

It is easy to save time in our self-service zones. Use our BNAs and deposit money to your accounts. Make banking operations at our kiosks or check for solutions in our interactive application.

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It is easy to save time......


Make withdrawals


Deposit cash on debit and credit cards


Pay your utility bills


Use the independent banking terminal

Installments and withdrawals

Welcome to our self-service zones and deposit money on your debit and credit cards by yourselves, without waiting at any queue. The installments will be reflected in real time on your debit card, and at the same time you have the possibility to repay your credit card debt completely on your own. The only thing you need is your bank card.

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Kiosk devices

At the self-service terminals you can do banking in your Bulbank Online profile or submit a request for a banking product or service in Your Financial Advisor.

Interactive application

Our information "window" shows you solution options in Your Financial Advisor, interest bulletin and a tariff of the bank, a map of the branches and the ATMs as well as the current FX rates.