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Tariff for the Fees and Commissions of UniCredit Factoring

Tariff for the Fees and Commissions of UniCredit Factoring


Effective as of 4.01.2022 

Art.  Product / Service Fee / Commission
I. Factoring  
1. Factoring application fee by arrangement
2. Application fee per buyer:  

For factoring with recourse

by arrangement

For factoring without recourse

by arrangement

Commission factoring

by arrangement

Fee for delay

by arrangement

Fee for invoice processing

by arrangement

Fee for management

by arrangement

Fee for commitment (conditional commitment)

by arrangement

Fee for prematurely repayment

by arrangement
9. Electronic service eFactoring free of charge

*The fees and commissions specified in the tariff are exclusive of VAT and are taxable under the VAT Act.

General Provisions

  1. The fees and commissions stipulated in the present Tariff are valid unless otherwise arranged. Specific services not included are subject to additional arrangement.
  2. The fees, commissions and other charges specified in the present Tariff apply to the various banking products and services in foreign currency and Bulgarian Leva. Those items denominated in EUR are also converted in other basic currencies, including the BGN, at the exchange rate quoted by the Bulgarian National Bank of foreign currencies towards BGN valid at the day of execution.
  3. All out-of-pocket and other expenses in Bulgaria and abroad related to the execution of the orders, including those of foreign correspondents, are collected in addition to the items specified in the present Tariff.
  4. Budget organizations and holders of donation accounts bear only the out-of-pocket expenses incurred in Bulgaria and abroad.

  5. The Bank reserves the right to apply additional charges for specific instructions or requirements, leading to extra work, unusual complexity and/or liability.

  6. The fees and commissions for the services taxable under the Value Added Tax Act are stated in the Tariff without Value Added Tax (VAT).

  7. This Tariff shall be applied for clients of the Bank - Bulgarian and Foreign Legal Entities and Sole Traders.

  8. The Bank shall collect all due fees and commissions at the moment of performing of the service, at the end of the last working day of the month or as per a subscription under an agreement.

  9. Regardless of any changes in numbering, the articles in the present Tariff are a substitute for the respective previous ones referred to in outstanding agreements.