Tariff for the Fees and Commissions of UniCredit Factoring


Effective as of 1.07.2013 

Art.  Product / Service Fee / Commission
I. Factoring  
1. Factoring application fee negotiable
2. Application fee per buyer:  -
2.1 For internal factoring with recourse  negotiable
2.2 For internal factoring without recourse  75 EUR
2.3 For domestic factoring invoice discounting with recourse negotiable
2.4 For domestic factoring invoice discounting without recourse 75 EUR
2.5 Export factoring without recourse - in EU  95 EUR 
2.6 Export factoring without recourse - outside EU  115 EUR 
3. Commission factoring  negotiable 
4. Commission factoring invoice discounting negotiable
5. Electronic service eFactoring no charge
6. Fee for delay negotiable 
7. Fee for invoice processing negotiable 
8. Fee for management  negotiable 
9. Fee for commitment (conditional commitment) negotiable 
10. Fee for changes of conditions of signed contract – change/adding a new debtor; change of the limit; change of the deferred payment terms, grace period, additional conditions. 150 BGN
11. Fee for prematurely repayment negotiable
II. Operational services  
12. Monthly statement of assigned receivables (“Client statement”)  no charge 
13. Statement to invoices for interest rates, fees and commissions (per one statement) 10 BGN 
14. Statement - excerpt for a buyer (for a buyer, per year) 100 BGN 
15. Issuing a written certificate, a confirmation or a letter of reference (per page) -
15.1 In Bulgarian  20 BGN 
15.2 In a foreign language  40 BGN 

*The fees and commissions specified in the tariff are exclusive of VAT and are taxable under the VAT Act.

General Provisions

  1. The fees and commissions specified in this Tariff are valid in all cases, unless otherwise agreed. For any specific services that are not included in the Tariff, separate fees and commissions are negotiated.
  2. The fees, commissions and charges specified in this Tariff refer to diverse types of services in foreign and national currency. The fees and commissions presented in EUR are converted into BGN by the EUR/BGN exchange rate of BNB on the day of the conversion.
  3. UniCredit Factoring EAD reserves its right to charge additional fees and commissions on specific orders or requests by the client that have caused additional work or involve any extraordinary complexity and commitment.
  4. The fees and commissions specified in the Tariff are exclusive of VAT and are taxable under the VAT Act.
  5. This Tariff applies to clients – Bulgarian and foreign legal entities and sole traders.
  6. UniCredit Factoring EAD collects the due fees and commissions at the time of performance of the service, at the end of the last business day of the month or on a subscription basis in accordance with the relevant negotiated terms.