Factoring Invoice Financing

The Factoring invoice financing service is a complex financial solution for small and medium enterprises combining the following parameters:

  • Financing of receivables with a maturity of 15 to 120 days
  • Collection and administration of receivables
  • No additional collateral requirered



Who is it for?

Manufacturers, traders, suppliers

of raw materials and services

Companies that want to work

or are already working under conditions of deferred payment for their customers

Companies wishing to finance

their operational and manufacturing needs based on credit sale.

What are the benefits for suppliers?

  • Financing without the need for additional collateral
  • More sales based on improved liquidity
  • Separating debt collection from business relations
  • Improved payment behavior of buyers thanks to professional debt collection
  • Management and operational staff being able to focus on their business activities
  • Delegating the administration of document turnover
  • Ability to respond to unforeseen expenses

What are the benefits for buyers?

  • Opportunity for long-term deferral of payment
  • Working with financially secure suppliers without the risk of delay or non-delivery due to liquidity problems

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