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Factoring Invoice Discounting

The Factoring invoice discounting service is a complex financial solution combining the following parameters:

  • One-time financing up to 90% of a single invoice of 30 to 180 days
  • Collection and administration of receivables
  • No additional collateral required



Factoring Invoice Discounting

Who is it for?

Manufacturers, traders, suppliers


of raw materials and services

Companies that want to work


under non-regular business conditions with occasional deals with its clients

Companies wishing to finance


their operational and manufacturing needs based on a specific receivable

What are the benefits for suppliers?

  • One-time financing of single ceded invoices
  • The client chooses which invoice to submit for financing
  • Administration of the transferred receivables – UCF monitors the accuracy of all documentation related to the transfer
  • UCF takes care of collecting the customers’ receivables
  • The service is available only on the territory of Bulgaria and requires individual confirmation from the payer

What are the benefits for buyers?

  • Opportunity for long-term deferral of payment
  • Working with financially secure suppliers without the risk of delay or non-delivery due to liquidity problems

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