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There are now more people on earth that have access to a mobile phone, than to a toothbrush.

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We look at our mobile phones on average once in every 5 minutes.

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91% of the adults have their mobile phones within arm’s reach 24/7.

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Nearly one half of us use the Internet through a mobile phone through different applications, games and social networks.

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And now – mobile banking

See how easy everything is

with Bulbank Mobile...

What does Bulbank Mobile offer?

Why BulBank Mobile?

 New Design

The application’s design uses the potential of your smartphone or tablet in a way that gives you a unique experience while you are banking. Bulbank Mobile for iOS, Android or Windows Phone offers you a simplified navigation and it is the only one mobile banking on the market that is controlled by hand gestures to left, to the right, up and down.

  High security standarts

Bulbank Mobile is guided by the world’s most modern security practices in the sphere of mobile technologies. The application is started by a unique activation code and the access to the secured zone is possible through a PIN code chosen by you. If you make three errors, the application gets locked. The communication between the client and the bank server is encrypted and the exchange of information is secured by a unique one-time password (OTP) generated by the application with every client’s action – check of the account, transfer, etc.

  Many useful functions

You want to withdraw money from an ATM but you do not know where the nearest one is. You want to visit a bank’s branch but you do not know the working hours and you do not have its telephone number. Bulbank Mobile gives you the solution to these problems. The application’s locator leads you to the most convenient ATM or branch of the bank and by the currency converter you can easily calculate the exchange rate of a given currency.

  Time and money saving

The mobile banking of UniCredit Bulbank provides you with quickness and convenience. It removes the necessity to visit a bank’s branch and to consider the working hours. Slide the display to the right and check the incomes on your account. You can see the expenses by sliding it to the left. You can make a transfer only by a few touches on the display.

  Wide availability

You can install the application on every mobile phone or tablet with an iOS or Android operational system or smartphone running Windows Phone, or older devices supporting Java. The only requirement for the mobile phone is to have an access to the Internet or a wireless WiFi network.

  How could I become a client?

You can find Bulbank Mobile in the application store of your device and install it. Then, you can use the functions of the application’s free zone – the locator, financial calculators and information, interactive demo, making a request for a bank card, and others. For the full functionality of the service you should activate Bulbank Mobile in the nearest branch of UniCredit Bulbank.

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