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UniCredit opens the latest gallery of contemporary art in our country

Thursday, 12.01.2012

Since today everyone who wishes can see the works of four young artists, among which Bora Petkova and Stanimir Genov from Bulgaria;

The gallery is situated in the center of Sofia in one of the UniCredit Bulbank branches , in 12, Kniaz Alexander 1-st Str.

Since today the latest gallery of contemporary art in Sofia – UniCredit Studio is open for everyone who wishes to visit it.

The gallery is located in one of the UniCredit Bulbank branches in the center of Sofia, in 12 Kniaz Alexander 1-st Str. (opposite the Telephone Chamber) and it is open for visitors, free admission, every weekday from 10:00 h. until 18:30 h. and Saturdays from 10:00 h. until 17:00 h.

„We are extremely happy to open in Sofia the first UniCredit Studio for Central and Eastern Europe. Our young and talented artists deserve the chance to show their works“, said at the opening yesterday evening UniCredit Bulbank’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Levon Hampartzoumian.

Especially for the UniCredit Studio opening in Bulgaria, there arrived also Jean-Claude Mosconi, Arts and Culture Projects Manager at UniCredit, who shared that he is very impressed by the work of the Bulgarian artists engaged in the field of contemporary art. „Namely the qualities of the Bulgarian artists made us choose Bulgaria for a pilot project, after Italy, for developing the idea for UniCredit Studio. Such exhibition spaces are about to open doors also in other countries such as Turkey, Hungary and Russia“, explained Mosconi.

The first exhibition at UniCredit Studio "Bank of the Future“ with curator Vera Mlechevska has put together the works of four young artists – Bora Petkova and Stanimir Genov from Bulgaria, Agnieszka Kurant (Poland) and Keijiro Suzuki (Japan).

The exhibition „Bank of the Future” will be open to the public from 12 January until 4 March 2012, free admission.

UniCredit Studio – additional information

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Viktoria Blajeva, tel: 0894/570 159,

Ekaterina Ancheva, tel: 0894/518 193,

Vera Mlechevska, tel.: 0898 260 316