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Factoring Solutions

UniCredit Factoring is offering a variety of specialized factoring solutions customized for the Bulgarian market.   

Factoring Solutions

Non-recourse factoring

Ensures credit coverage of the seller company for its credit sales and facilitate the collection and management of receivables by allowing their financing

Recourse Factoring

The aim of recourse factoring is to finance current operational needs of the company based on its sales on credit without the need for collateral and to facilitate the management and collection of receivables.

Reverse factoring

Reverse factoring

Factoring Invoice Discounting

Factoring services for small and medium enterprises, providing working capital to small and medium-sized enterprises* based on their own credit sales (with maturity of up to 120 days) without requiring additional security. Factoring invoice financing is available at any branch of UniCredit Bulbank.

Non-recourse exporting factoring

A financial instrument aimed the needs of export companies working with their customers on deferred payment basis. It offers up to 100% coverage of the credit risk and provides funding, management and collection of receivables carried out by a local financial institution.

Recourse exporting factoring

Recourse exporting factoring

Import Factoring

Factoring service that provides importers with convenience of longer deferred payments.

Customized Solutions

UniCredit Factoring is ready to offer tailor made solutions to its customers.