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About Us

UniCredit Factoring EAD was established in 2004 as UniCredit Bulbank’s factoring department. The small department was essentially the developer of the local factoring market, as factoring was not present at the time in Bulgaria.

About Us

The enterprise was successful and in 2006, through a spin-off from the bank, the first Bulgarian factoring company was established. 
In the following years the company focused on:

  • Investing in factoring professionals
  • Creating a sustainable organizational model
  • Creating factoring products suitable with the dynamics of the Bulgarian market
  • Creating trustworthy and long term relationship with its clients and partners

In the end of 2007 the company started offering factoring solutions to Bulgarian export companies through the services of the Factors Chain International (FCI). Few years later the company developed import factoring solutions again through the FCI network. In 2011 UCF enlarged its product portfolio trough the domestic non-recourse factoring.   

Our goal is to continue the upward trend of our development. We are aiming to enlarge our product portfolio, broaden our knowledge and experience, in order to serve our clients’ needs and to help them grow in a sustainable way. 

In January 2022 UniCredit Factoring has been included in the scope of UniCredit Bulbank. Thus, the two companies united began to offer quality banking services and aim for increasing customer satisfaction under the legal name UniCredit Bulbank AD.

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