InnovFin Guarantee scheme

Through the implementation of the “InnovFin” guarantee scheme, UniCredit Bulbank provides preferential financing opportunities for innovative micro, small, medium (up to 249 employees) and intermediate enterprises (up to 499 employees). This way they can increase their innovative potential and ideas; to invest in R&D and in new approaches and processes or to realize their products on international markets in wider scope.


What is it?

InnovFin is a specially developed guarantee instrument for lending to innovative and R&D driven companies which invest in development and implementation of new products, processes and/or services, that are innovative, possess significant potential for innovation, have registered a patent, have acquired award for innovation or other relevant certification in this manner. The instrument targets fast growing enterprises, with serious potential for innovation and a business plan for entering new geographical markets or launching new products.InnovFin_logo.png


How does the guarantee instrument InnovFin works?

When your company receives funding from UniCredit Bulbank through InnovFin, you will receive lower interest rate than the standard on investment and working loans, and eased collateral requirements, as the European Investment Fund guarantees 50% of the loan.

What are the terms and conditions of the InnovFin?

Overall portfolio of UniCredit Bulbank:

EUR 45 000 000

Guarantee fee:

0.25% for SMEs (up to 249 employees); 0.40% for intermediate enterprises (up to 499 employees) of the total amount of the loan

50% guarantee

complementary collateral for investment and working capital loans between EUR 25 000 and EUR 7 500 000

Minimum loan maturity period

12 months

Maximum loan maturity period

36 months for revolving loans; 120 months for loans with repayment plan

Refinancing and/or restructuring

of existing credits and/or leases is not covered.

Guarantee for the loans

is not a Staid Aid grant regim “de minimis”

Who is it suitable for?

Eligible borrowers for InnovFin are micro, small, medium and intermediate enterprises (up to 499 employees) – companies, which invest in R&D of new products, processes and/or services, which are innovative, have significant potential for innovations, have registered a patent, have acquired an award for innovation or something similar in that direction. To fulfill InnovFin eligible criteria, the company applicant should meet at least one of the innovation criteria of the guarantee scheme, as the validation is performed by your personal banker.

Is your company eligible?

The implementation of the InnovFin guarantee scheme provides opportunities to increase the competitiveness level of innovative companies in different sectors of the Bulgarian economy, by providing targeted support for implementing new initiatives of the companies.

The implementation of the InnovFin guarantee scheme aims at supporting the financing and entrepreneurship of innovative companies from different sectors of the Bulgarian economy.

How InnovFin supports your innovative business?

InnovFin creates an environment for investments in development and implementation of product and manufacturing innovations, supporting the realization of new research and development projects in the company’s development activities. By applying InnovFin, eventual restrictions for meeting the collateral requirements are overcomed and it saves you money for the period of the contract.



  • Eased access to financing
  • Lower interest rates
  • Flexibility
  • Reduced collateral requirements
  • Quick approval procedure

Investment loans, standard working capital loans with repayment plan, revolving loans, overdrafts.

If you are interested in applying for InnovFin, to check eligibility and additional information for a tailor-made offer, please contact your personal banker.

UniCredit has a dedicated department dealing with free of charge consultations to companies in relation to EU funding programs and schemes, including InnovFIn.

  • speculative investment activities and speculation with real estate properties
  • activities, which are prohibited by national legislation, including law on environment protection
  • other activities prohibited by the law
  • activities related to fraud, illegal activity and other similar practices verified in accordance with the internal rules and procedures of the bank.

The new loan under InnovFin can not be used for refinancing existing loans.


The Final recipient transactions are supported by the InnovFin SME Guarantee Facility, with the financial backing of the European Union under Horizon 2020 Financial Instruments and the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) set up under the Investment Plan for Europe. The purpose of EFSI is to help support financing and implementing productive investments in European Union and to ensure increased access to financing.