It’s simple to pay with one move.

Take advantage of preferential conditions on a Visa Business Leader business debit card until 30.09.2020 and have your money anywhere and anytime!

Increase the opportunities of your company with an international debit card VISA Business Leader, with which control over operating costs is in your hands. In addition, you can now take advantage of preferential terms*.

With a Visa Business Leader debit card in your wallet you will receive:

  • BGN 0 annual service fee for the period of card validity.
  • Control over operational payments and constant access to funds.
  • Simplified accounting process in the company.
  • Guarantee for reservations of rental cars, plane tickets, hotels, as well as for purchases of goods and services on the Internet, etc.
  • A card with contactless functionality, designed for all types of daily expenses.

Using the debit card, you will receive up-to-date and accurate information about each transaction. This way you will be able to accurately account for the company's costs related to business travel, online purchases and payments at retail outlets.

You also have the opportunity to issue additional cards to the employees in your company in order to track the expenses and the movement on the account.

Request a Visa Business Leader debit card by 30.09.2020 by visiting a convenient branch of the bank or looking for your servicing banker.

Now you have the complete freedom to choose the address where to receive your new debit card. Delivery can be made to your home, office or other convenient address in Bulgaria!

* The preferential conditions are valid for Visa Business Leader debit cards, applied for issuance until 30.09.2020.