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Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Join PLUS Programme - it will help you to quickly and easily increase the number of your customers, as well as your turnover, reaching 1,000,000 of the Bank’s customers. 

How it works

Parameters of the Programme

PLUS Programme is a programme for mutual cooperation between the Bank and merchants. The latter can increase their turnover by providing the customers with awards in the form of points for card* purchases at a real POS terminal in their outlets. 

When paying with a card at POS terminals in the outlets of our partner network, the customers receive an award in the form of points directly from the partner. 

Each collected point is equivalent to BGN 0.01. The points collected by the customers can be subsequently used in the outlets of the partners for purchases of goods and services.

*Valid for debit, credit, primary or additional cards issued by Unicredit Bulbank to individual customers.

  • Determining the discount percentage

The Programme gives you an opportunity to decide the percentage of the purchase value which will be offered as an award to the customers in the form of points.  

  • Additional campaigns

When you become part of the Programme you start with a percentage selected by you which can be subsequently upgraded with additional campaigns. Thus, Make your customers feel happy during holidays, birthdays, when they have generated high turnover or with a happy hour.

Advantages for the Partners

  • You attract new customers cardholders of Unicredit Bulbank who will make purchases in your sales outlets.
  • You save costs of investment in your own programme and of its management.
  • You increase your turnover and income.
  • You retain and encourage your loyal customers to make purchases by benefiting from the wide opportunities offered by the programme.
  • You receive assistance in determining the parameters of the campaigns.
  • An automated flexible programme which offers you a variety of opportunities to organise campaigns depending on your needs and the needs of your customers.
  • The bank provides over 1,000,000 cardholders with information on your sales outlets.
  • You receive organised training for your employees and you obtain monthly statement with the transactions.
  • You obtain mobile application for customers with information on your sales outlets and active campaigns.

How Can the Customers Recognize the Sales Outlets

The sales outlets of our partner network are designated by special stickers of the programme. The customers can find information on the current campaigns in the sales outlets on the website of the bank.

Turn your potential customers into loyal ones!

How to Join the Programme

Contact us right now and take advantage of the flexible programme parameters and of the fast and quality service. 

Download and install the Program PLUS app.

PLUS Programme

Install the app on your phone!