On Hand Deposit

Dispose at any time of the money on your deposit account without losing the accrued interest with On Hand deposit.

  • You can withdraw up to 60% of the amount initially deposited on your deposit account before the expiry of the deposit term, without violating its terms and conditions.
  • You can make additional payments without restriction during the deposit term.
  • You can manage the deposit amount via Bulbank Mobile and Bulbank Online.



6 months

Minimum amount for opening

BGN 2,000 or EUR/USD 1,000


The interest due to the customer is paid at the end of the period for which the contract for opening of deposit account is concluded. The interest is capitalised on the deposit account on the deposit maturity date.

Deposit transactions

Additional payments or transfers of additional amounts can be made on the deposit account during the deposit term.

The customer can use a part of the balance, without violating the terms and conditions of the deposit and without losing the interest accrued up to now. This part of the balance is equal to 60 % of the initial balance on the day of opening of the deposit account / renegotiation of the deposit terms and conditions and remains unchanged over the entire six-month period, regardless of whether the depositor deposits / transfers additional funds to the account.


Interest bulletin

Calculate and Send Request

I want to save in for a term of
with amount

Account Opening

Request Online

Send request online after calculating your interest amout in the calculator above.

The account can be opened personally

Upon submission of identity document and documents certifying the reason to open the account.

The account can be opened by an authorised person

Upon submission of a notarised power of attorney which explicitly states the transactions that the authorised person is entitled to execute.

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