Flexi Deposit

Increase the return on your savings and enjoy a part of them without worrying. Flexi fixed-term deposit combines the profitability of the deposit and the operational capabilities of the current accounts, while offering an interest rate higher than that accrued on them.

  • Operate with the funds on your deposit account for preliminary defined number of times without being charged a penalty interest.
  • No service commission for withdrawal at the cash-desk within the defined number of times.
  • Remuneration at an interest rate significantly higher than that accrued on the current account.
  • No restrictions for making additional payments on the deposit account.
  • The deposit can be used as collateral on credit transactions - consumer loans, bank credit cards, etc.



1, 3, 6, 12 and 24 months

Minimum amount for opening

BGN 2,000 or EUR / USD 1,000


  • The interest rate is significantly higher than that accrued on the current account, if you comply with the terms and conditions of the deposit. The interest is accrued on the deposit maturity date and depends on the currency, term and amount of the deposit.
  • You choose whether to receive your interest on another account or to let it capitalise on the deposit account.

Deposit transactions

You can withdraw money and make transfers during the deposit term certain number of times - 4, 10, 15, 24 and 40 - depending on the deposit term.


Interest bulletin

Calculate and Send Request

I want to save in for a term of
with amount

Account Opening

Required Documents

  • Conclusion of a contract in a form approved by the Bank.

Additional Information

Request Online

Send request online after calculating your interest amout in the calculator above.

The account can be opened personally

Upon submission of identity document and documents certifying the reason to open the account.

The account can be opened by an authorised person

Upon submission of a notarised power of attorney which explicitly states the transactions that the authorised person is entitled to execute.

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