Joint Multi-Factor Account

The applicable monthly interest rate of the joint Multi-factor Account depends on the monthly average balance on the account and on the number of withdrawals in the past month.

  • Attractive interest rate for 1 or 2 withdrawals per month
  • No commissions for deposit of funds




Minimum account opening balance

BGN 10 or EUR / USD 5


  • You receive the interest every month based on the average monthly balances on the account.

  • The interest can be transferred to another current or saving account with the bank specified by the account holder or to a third party account.

Account transactions

  • You can execute all types of banking transactions in real time and in any bank branch.
  • You can order payments and receive transfers from abroad.
  • The account can be used for transfers from/to card account through ATM.

Fees and commissions

No commission for deposit of funds in case of the depositor is account holder.

Terms and Documents

Required Documents

  • Application for opening of joint account
  • Contract for opening of savings account in a form approved by the Bank


Interest bulletin

Account Opening

The account is opened by all holders

Upon submission of identity document.

The account can be opened by an authorised person

Upon submission of a notarised power of attorney which explicitly states the transactions that the authorised person is entitled to execute.

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