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Mortgage loan with a fixed interest rate

Everyone needs security and confidence about the amount of their monthly income, including the installments on their loans. This is the reason why we created our special proposal for a mortgage loan with a fixed interest rate for the first 5 years.


Mortgage loan with a fixed interest rate

What advantages does it provide?

  • Extremely attractive conditions on the loan:

– 3.59 % – fixed interest rate for the first 5 years

– 2.89 % – floating interest rate for the remaining period (HTDI + margin)*

  • A high amount of financing – up to 85% of the market value of the property
  • Need for Life insurance for a real estate mortgage, Property insurance: Yes
  • Predictability of the monthly liability – with the fixed interest rate for the first 5 years of the loan you can rest assured that the installment on your loan will not change for this period even if the market interest rates increase
  • Long loan term – up to 35 years
  • Loan currency – Bulgarian lev (BGN)

APR – An example for a fixed interest rate

Example: Authorized loan amount – BGN 150,000 Loan term: 35 years. Repayment installment type and total number: 420 pcs., annuity.. The amount of the monthly repayment installment on a mortgage loan with a fixed interest rate is BGN 697.80for the first five years and BGN 643.75 for the remaining period of the loan. APR 4.09% for the whole loan term. Total due amount at the end of the loan term BGN 277 990.10. Monthly premium on Life insurance – BGN 52.50 and 22 050 for all period.

The calculations in the example are based on a promotional fixed annual interest rate for the first five years 3.59%, and a floating interest rate for the remaining period of the loan – 2.89%, including fее for a collateral documentation reconcilement, monthly fee for the loan service account (Max Plan) in the amount of BGN 12.95, Property Insurance costs with coverage of residual loan debt, Life Insurance costs for the entire term of the loan. 

* Floating annual interest rate formed by a reference interest rate (HTDI for BGN) increased by a fixed margin.

The offer is valid when applying for a new home loan and selecting the option for a fixed interest rate for the first five years of the loan term, payroll transfer and the following additional services: use of the Max* daily banking plan; Investment Plan**; Credit Shopping card*** and/or Overdraft****.

The APR on the loan is an expression of the total costs on the loan for the consumer, present or future ones, as an annual percentage calculated on an annual basis from the total amount of the loan granted.

The additional costs payable under the loan agreement, which shall become a part of the APR after they become known to the Bank, are as follows:

  • The notary and state fees for the establishment of a mortgage in favor of the Bank;

  • The notary and state fees for renewal and deletion of the collaterals established in favor of the Bank;

  • The costs for a market appraisal of the proposed collateral.

The additional costs indicated above are not included in the provided example for the total costs on the loan, and they shall become a part of APR after they become known to the Bank.

*Max Daily Banking Plan – this option allows you to use a current account with a Visa debit card and to withdraw funds from the ATMs of all banks in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria with your main debit card issued under the main account in the plan without a fee; also available without fee: intra-bank transfers, when arranged through an electronic channel; inter-bank transfers in BGN from the main account and in EUR from all accounts of the customer to the EEA for amounts up to BGN 100 000; utility payments - monthly maintenance and service of the Max Plan is BGN 12.95.

**Contract conclusion for regular monthly investment through the Savings Plan with a minimum contribution of 20 EUR/USD. You can select a convenient date for your contributions and they will be deducted directly from your account. The plan will be automatically renewed following expiry of its five-year initial period without additional fee. You can use your savings at any time. When you sign up for a Savings Plan, the one-off fee will be a percentage of your total contributions for the first 60 months and will be payable upfront with your first monthly payment.

*** With the UniCredit Shopping Card you can defer your purchases in instalments; BGN 0 annual service fee for the first year when documents are signed digitally. After the first year the fee will be BGN 25 per year; Free delivery of the new card to a convenient address in Bulgaria.

*** By using the Overdraft option, you will get. Additional funds that you can use via debit card at ATMs and POS terminals; Option to use the overdraft limit in full or in parts, whenever you decide, paying interest only on the amount used. (If you run out of funds at the end of the month and use BGN 100 of your overdraft, when your salary comes in, this amount will be automatically repaid and you will once again be able to use the full amount of the overdraft. You will only owe interest on the BGN 100 used during the period of use).

Use of the above additional products may be terminated* during the term of the bank mortgage loan agreement upon your written request.

*When you terminate use of the Savings Plan, Overdraft or Shopping card (during the first year), you will not owe any fees and/or commissions. If you terminate a Shopping card contract after the promotional one-year period, a fee will be payable on a pro rata  basis for the period of use during the year.


Offer is valid until 30.06.2024.

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