Secure Wallet + Insurance

Protect your bank cards and items you keep with it against theft and misuse. Buy Secure Wallet + Insurance at just one phone call.

  • Cardholder’s financial protection in case of: theft, robbery or loss of card, misuse or fraudulent use of the bank card, robbery at an ATM and identity theft
  • Remote conclusion of the insurance – no need to visit a bank branch
  • Validity of coverage worldwide
  • Option to insure up to 3 bank cards of one client



Risck covered

  • Robbery at an ATM
    The insured person will get a recovery, up to the limit of liability, of cash withdrawn at an ATM with a bank card and lost in a robbery within 15 minutes thereafter. The costs of medical care and medications for any bodily injury suffered by the insured person in case of robbery next to an ATM will also be recovered.
  • Lost/stolen personal documents, wallet, purse and keys
    The insurer will refund, up to the liability limit, the expenses for new personal documents, wallet, purse and keys, if they are stolen or lost along with the bank card.

  • Misuse of bank card
    Recovery of financial losses resulting from third party misuse of any lost or stolen insured bank card incurred within 48 hours from the request for blocking.
  • Identity theft
    The insurer will refund, up to the liability limit, all costs incurred by the insured person in connection with identity theft.
  • Personal coverage
    An indemnification is payable in case of death due to illness or accident of the cardholder.


Object of insurance

The Secure Wallet + Insurance is a product created by Allianz Bulgaria particularly for the clients of UniCredit Bulbank, holders of main debit and credit cards. It provides financial protection to the cardholder in case of unexpected events, such as: theft, robbery and loss of keys, wallet, purse (along with the bank card), identity theft, robbery at an ATM, etc.

Term of insurance

This insurance is concluded for indefinite period of time and can be cancelled at client’s request.


This insurance is valid worldwide.

How to take out the insurance

The Secure Wallet + Insurance is available to every cardholder of a main debit and credit card of UniCredit Bulbank. It is remotely, over the phone. The insurance policy is delivered by a courier at the address specified by the client.

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