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The cash is old-fashioned

Start paying easily and conveniently. Open an account and deposit min. BGN 2 500 free of charge. Get a Plus plan for free for a whole year and bank on preferential terms. 


The cash is old-fashioned

Have you ever thought how inconvenient it is to hold cash?
We can list many reasons...

And have you thought about the many advantages of the preferred method for many people – paying with a bank card? Here are just a few of them:

Fast, easy and convenient


Forget about carrying large amounts of cash! With a bank card you can shop anywhere that accepts card payments – easy and convenient. No cash or waiting for change. You can also digitize your card and pay directly through your phone.



Paying by card is much more secure than carrying cash. In case of theft or loss, you can easily block it through your mobile banking and get a new one delivered to a convenient address in Bulgaria. 

Expense tracking


It's much easier to keep track of your spending with a card. Every payment is recorded on your account statement or in your mobile banking. This lets you know exactly where your money is going and plan your budget more effectively. 

And last, but not the least... As the country accedes the Eurozone, we'll need to exchange our cash from BGN to EUR. There's no easier way than keeping our money in the bank. So on the changeover date they will be exchanged fully automatically.

Take care of your money now! 

Open an account by depositing min. BGN 2,500 free of charge and get everything you need for easy and convenient payments with Plan Plus free for one year*:

  • Account and debit card.
  • Mobile banking to keep track of your accounts, digitally request various banking products and more.
  • Deposit and withdraw cash at UniCredit ATMs at no additional markup.
  • Pay utility bills, taxes and other debts easily and conveniently from your phone with no fees.
  • Option to open a free digital savings account, child debit card, digital card for online payments.
  • Keep track of important information about your vehicle and receive notifications of traffic tickets received, driver's license expiration and much more.


To take advantage of the preferential conditions, visit the branch most convenient for you.
If you have any questions, call 0 700 1 84 84.

* Promotional conditions are valid with regular monthly income on the plan account.

** A digital debit card is issued additionally and can be on the main account included in the plan or on a new additional account. 1 free digital checking account can be opened without a fee.

*** A digital debit card is issued additionally and can be on the main account included in the plan or on a new additional account. Up to 5 free digital checking accounts can be opened without a fee.

**** For deposits totaling more than BGN 4,000 per day, a separate "ATM deposit of amounts over BGN 4,000" fee is due according to the Bank's Tariff.

Frequently Asked Questions

The conditions are valid only for new customers of the bank. You can find out about the current preferential conditions for our daily banking plans on our website or by contacting us on 0700 1 84 84.

When depositing funds at the cash desk, a fee is due according to the bank's Tariff, but the Plus plan includes a free service Deposit at UniCredit Bulbank ATMs up to BGN 4,000 per day.

The promo conditions mentioned above can be applied when opening a plan only in a branch of the bank.

Our Everyday Banking plans are retail products only.

After the expiration of the free period, the corresponding monthly fees for using the Plus plan will be charged, according to the Bank's Tariff for individuals.