Win with Mastercard at Cinema City


Cinema emotion is even stronger when shared! By June 30th, any Mastercard payment at Cinema City can bring you a prize on the spot.


Make your movie moments truly special

Now with any Mastercard® payment at Cinema City you can win a prize! Try your luck and make the moments even more enjoyable and the emotion of the cinema experience even stronger. Every contactless transaction brings a double chance to win!


During the promotional period from May 15, 2018 to June 30, 2018, anyone who pays with Mastercard® card with Cinema City receives a scratch card for a chance to win a prize on the spot:

  • Big popcorns or a soft drink.


Each contactless transaction doubles the chance to win – the cardholder receives two scratch cards.*


Get to know the general terms of the promotion here.

* Coupons are provided until the amount is exhausted.