Pay with Visa at Hobo and win a free ride



Register your Visa card in Hobo by 31.10.2021, collect points and take a free trip.

Earn bonus trips with the Hobo Loyalty Program

For every minute with Hobo:

  • You save 14 g of CO2
  • You get 1 point
  • You get 2 points with a Visa card

Accumulate points and take prizes:

  • For every 380 points, get 30 free minutes
  • For every 680 points, get 60 free minutes
  • Participate with the Visa in the lottery

Save harmful emissions

Based on a formula for saved CO2 emissions when choosing an Hobo Electric scooter for driving instead of a car, and given that the average mileage of 1 km with a car consumes about 123.4 g of CO2, for 1 km traveled with an Electric scooter of Hobo, the amount of CO2 consumed decreases by about 120 g. The average distance traveled for a trip of 13 minutes (average travel time in a busy urban environment) is 1.5 km. Thus, in one minute with an Hobo Electric Scooter, each user travels an average of 0.115 km (115 meters), which is equivalent to 14 grams of reduced CO2.

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