You hold on to the accuracy. We reward it.

Each payment of local taxes and fees

with Visa card to 29.04.2018 can bring you

great prizes.

Pay your taxes with card of Visa and you can win iPhone X. Pay online and you can win an external battery.


Why to wait at cash desk when you can quickly and easily pay for your taxes online or at a POS terminal at the relevant municipal institution?

Now with Visa, paying taxes and dues is more convenient than ever, and it can bring you a prize. From 19 February to 29 April 2018, you have the opportunity to win at two ways thanks to your Visa card:

  • At a POS terminal in the relevant municipal institution - pay local tax or Visa card fee, register the POS* code here** and you can win a great iPhone X with 64 GB storage space in Silver color.
  • Online - Pay taxes and fees from computer with Visa and you will automatically be included into a draw for a powerful external phone battery.


The list of taxes and fees under the Local Taxes and Fees Act that are participating in the promotion by the end of March can be found on the Visa website.


The official rules for participating in the campaign can be found here.

* The code can be marked as a „AC, A.КОД/A.CODE, АВТ. КОД“ or similar to that.

**The receipt must be kept and provided as evidence of tax / fee paid in case of profit.