Pay with Mastercard and visit Disneyland Paris!

Pay with contactless Mastercard® card and celebrate Disneyland’s® Paris 25th birthday anniversary together with your family!



When the magic comes to life before your eyes: priceless!

Dive into the magic place where cartoon characters come to life! Pay with contactless Mastercard® card your daily purchases, electricity bills, movie tickets, and get the opportunity to celebrate the 25th birthday anniversary of Disneyland® Paris together with your family! Until 5th of November, you can join the prize draw for the big prize, moreover you can also win a 30 BGN gift voucher for Hippoland!

During the campaign will be given 300 money vouchers, and the big prize will go to only two lucky people! Don’t hesitate and register your contactless payments with Mastercard® at  to visit Disneyland® Paris!

The full terms and conditions of the promotion you can find here.