Credit Card for Healthcare Practiotioners

  • Preferential conditions for credit cards MasterCard Standard, Visa Classic or Visa Donna
  • Maximum protection of the card payments at all ATMs and POS terminals
  • Contactless payment You make daily purchases faster and easier
  • Free insurance Travel Assistance and Travel Accident Insurance for bank cardholders
  • Automatic participation in PLUS Programme You collect and spend points in any card purchase in our partner network




Credit card which ensures guaranteed and secure access to your funds. Ensure your comfort when you travel, shop with pleasure in merchants outlets, pay on the Internet, buy airline tickets, book hotels and rent cars.

Use your card in the standard manner or make faster and easier contactless payments - without entering PIN for card purchases up to BGN 25 in the country.

Preferential conditions

  • No service fee during the first year
  • 1.33% monthly interest rate on the used limit





Validity of the credit limit

2 years

Validity of the card

4 years

Time limit for issuing

  • 5 working days for standard orders
  • 3 working days for express orders

Minimum instalment

3% of the approved credit limit.

Grace period

Up to 45 days for card purchases made at POS terminal

Date of repayment

Form the 1st to the 15th day of the month

Repayment of obligation

  • Direct debit - automatic repayment of the minimum instalment or of the entire amount payable on the credit card from another account
  • Mobile or online banking - repayment of the minimum instalment or of amount greater than it directly on the card account
  • Payment of instalment at an ATM - cash payment on the credit card
  • Payment on the card account at a cash desk in any bank branch

Apply for your card

In any bank branch.

Security Tips

Take care of your financial security by following a few simple rules when using your card.

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