Mutual Funds Pioneer

Direct investments in Pioneer mutual funds. Entrust us your investment plan. Your funds will be managed by the investment market leader in Bulgaria, Pioneer Investments.


  • Access to high-quality low investment resources
  • Purchase of shares of a basket including stocks and bonds of many companies in different sectors and locations worldwide
  • Transparency in the management of investments
  • Risk diversification
  • High liquidity of funds
  • The opportunity to create resources for achieving your life plans
  • Non-taxable capital gains from investments in mutual funds


Choose your investment strategyin line with your wishes.

The Funds have being offered to local and foreign individuals and legal entities (except for US citizens and companies in which capital participate citizens or companies of the USA).



Minimum amount for each next investment

150 EUR / USD

Minimum amount for each next investment

150 EUR / USD

Investment time horizon


Pioneer Investments

Management, sales and distribution of mutual funds and alternative investment programs. Pioneer Investments is managing over €210. billion EUR as at 31 March 2016 in more than 160 funds.


Pioneer Investments has an more than 80 years experience in the offering and management of mutual funds. The first mutual fund of Pioneer Investments, Pioneer Fund, founded in 1928, is one of the four oldest funds in the USA.

Pioneer Investments in Bulgaria

Pioneer Investments is the first foreign company for assets’ management offering investment products in Bulgaria, in cooperation with UniCredit Bulbank.

Securities (units) of the registered in Luxembourg fund Pioneer Funds are offered in Bulgaria. The findconsists of several sub-funds and is acting as an “umbrella” type of fund. It gives the investors possibility to choose between one or more investment goals through the investment in one or more sub-funds.

Pioneer Funds

Pioneer Funds are registered in Luxemburg and admitted to public trading in accordance with the EU Directives.

In Bulgaria class “A” units are being offered, which are non-distributive (do not distribute any dividend) and distributive (distribute dividend) in EUR and/or USD, in the following funds.

  • Equity sub-funds
  • Bond sub-funds
  • “Total Return” sub-funds
  • Short-term sub-funds
  • Balanced Fund
  • Commodity Fund
  • Russian stocks
  • European Equity funds
  • US Equity funds

Information on all funds and their prospectuses are available on the official website of Pioneer Investments.

Investments in Mutual Funds

Detailed information about Pioneer Funds and investment opportunities can be obtained:

  • In all branches of UniCredit Bulbank
  • In the Prospectus and Rules for Management Regulations for Pioneer Funds, and Additional Information for Bulgarian investors regarding Pioneer Funds offered in Bulgaria.

Required documents

Account opening request

Risk warning

The value of shares of the Funds and the income from them can go down, profits are not guarenteed and there is a risk that investors may not recover the full amount of money.

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