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Multicash is a software system providing access to clients’ accounts in UniCredit Bulbank. Clients can create payment orders in local and foreign currency and to execute non-cash transactions.

It is used by more than 200 banks worldwide.

This complex multi-bank system Multicash provides an overall view of all accounts in different banks, enabling ease of control and optimization of cash flows.



  • Automated processing in real time
  • Payment orders in local and foreign currency
  • Flexible database with vast spectrum of payment forms
  • Managing accounts in other banks supporting Multicash
  • Daily bank statements
  • Compatibility with accounting systems of third parties.

Whom is it for?

Multicash is suitable specially for active corporate clients who would like to manage all their accounts via single online banking platform.

How to apply for the service?

The client should submit an Application form for usage of the service and should sign a contract for use of Multicash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, more than one user can be included in Multicash.

No, Multicash does not require Qualified electronic signature.

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