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Project and Structured Financing

Loans to finance self-contained investment cycle of a project company. In general, the aim of the financing is an acquisition or building of large and complex installations and equipment, for example, power plants, chemical processing plants, mines, oil & gas infrastructure etc.

Typically the project is developed by separate legal entity (SPV) with no or limited recourse to the sponsor.

The credit decision is based on future cash flows of the project company.

Project and Structured Financing


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  • The loan is structured depending on the specifics of the project.

Whom is it Suitable for?

Organisations that finance large investment projects:

  • Local and foreign companies
  • Public and financial institutions


Market appraisal and insurance of collaterals are required.

Market Appraisal: List of eligible external evaluators of loan collateral.

Insurance: To receive an individual insurance offer for your business needs, please contact UniCredit Insurance broker.

Frequently Asked Questions

The market appraisal should be  renewed every year. The insurance must be maintained valid for the entire loan period.

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