SME Initiative

"SME Initiative" is a joint guarantee instrument provided by the European Commission, the European Investment Fund, European Investment Bank and the Bulgarian Government which is set up to increase lending to Start-Ups and the SME businesses



  • Facilitated access to financing
  • Lower interest
  • Reduced collateral requirements
  • Quick approval procedure
  • Flexibility


How does the guarantee instrument SME Initiative works?

When your company is included for financing by UniCredit Bulbank through the SME Initiative, you will receive lower interest rate than the standard, and eased collateral requirements as the European Investment Fund guarantees 60% of the loan..

What are the terms and conditions of the SME Initiative?

Total portfolio of UniCredit Bulbank

100 000 000 EUR

Types of loans

Investment, standard working capital loan with a repayment term; revolving loans, conditional credits as letters of credit.

60% guarantee

complementary security for investment and working capital loans of up to € 5,000,000

Minimum loan maturity

24 months

Maximum loan maturity

120 months

Who is it suitable for?

For all Start-ups, small and medium enterprises employing up to 249 people, working in a wide range of economic sectors.

How the guarantee instrument SME Initiative will support your customers?

The implementation of the guarantee instrument SME Initiative meets the key challenges faced by the companies in Bulgaria, namely the inability to assure enough capital for their businesses, and difficulties in meeting collateral requirements.

European Investment Bank
European Commission
European Investment Fund
SME Initiative

SME Transaction benefits from support from the European Union pursuant to the Operational Programme SME Initiative 2014-2020, with funding by the European Union under the ERDF and Horizon 2020 and by the European Investment Fund and the European Investment Bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investment, standard working capital loan with a repayment term; revolving loans, conditional credits as letters of credit.

Please contact your Private banker for more information and for an individual offer.

UniCredit has a specialized department dealing with free of charge consultancy to companies in regards of EU funding programs and schemes, including SME Initiative.

  • Speculative investment activities and speculative real estate transactions.
  • Activities that are inconsistent with national law, including the Environmental Protection Act
  • Other activities prohibited by law
  • Activities involving fraud, illegal activities and other similar practices screened under internal rules and procedures of the Bank

The newly extended loan under SME Initiative should not be used for refinancing existing loans.