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Issuance of Bank Guarantees

UniCredit Bulbank offers the issuance of bank guarantee in the following cases:

  • Advance payment of approved grants under EU funded projects Participation in tenders
  • Performance guarantees in EU funded projects

Issuance of Bank Guarantees


  • Financial support for implementation of projects under European Union programmes
  • Easier access to financing for small and medium enterprises in Bulgaria

Whom is it Suitable for?

Beneficiaries of grants under programmes co-financed from European Union Funds.

Required Documents

Each EU programme requires a special set of documents.

Official templates of all documents can be found on the specialised websites of the operational programmes:


Frequently Asked Questions

The first procedures for the 2014-2020 programming period are already in progress. Up-to-date information on open procedures for all operational procedures can be found on the ISUN 2020 website - (initial free of charge registration is required).

The eligibility of your enterprise depends on various factors such as the investment idea, the main economic activity, the type of company - micro, small-medium or large enterprise, etc.

The amount of the grant is determined by:

  • The funding fixed in specific operational programme,
  • The amount of eligible expenses for the project
  • The specific agreement between you and the Ministry

For some operational programmes, grant can cover up to 100% of the project costs.

No; the provision of bank references or any such documentation is not required at the application stage.

Yes; when requesting an advance payment on a contract signed under the operational programmes, a bank guarantee is required.

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