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COSME LGF - Direct guarantee

With the implementation of "COSME” direct guarantee, offered by UniCredit Bulbank with no guarantee fee to small and medium enterprises, also StartUps, the companies can use investment and working capital funding to increase their competitiveness.

COSME LGF - Direct guarantee


  • Facilitated access to financing
  • Reduced collateral requirements
  • Flexibility

  • No guarantee fee
  • Quick approval procedure

How does the guarantee instrument COSME works?

When your company is included for financing by UniCredit Bulbank through the COSME Direct Guarantee, you will receive eased collateral requirements as the European Investment Fund guarantees 50% of the loan. Working capital up to BGN 293 000/EUR 150 000 is also allowed, whereby the Fund guarantees 80% for loans concluded until 31.12.2021.



Who is it suitable for?

COSME LGF scheme is suitable for all Start-ups, small and medium enterprises employing up to 249 people, working in a wide range of economic sectors.


How the guarantee instrument COSME will support your customers?

The implementation of the guarantee instrument COSME meets the key challenges faced by the companies in Bulgaria, namely the inability to assure enough capital for their businesses, and difficulties in meeting collateral requirements. The loans included within the COSME guaranteed portfolio are with no guarantee fee, thus the COSME implementation has no additional expenses for the borrowers.


European Investment Fund
SME Initiative
European Investment Fund



What are the terms and conditions of the COSME LGF?

  • Types of loans: Investment, revolving lines for SME entities and coverable loans for StartUps.
  • 50% guarantee, complementary security for investment and working capital loans. 80% guarantee only for working capital loans up to EUR 150 000/BGN 293 000:
  1. Minimum loan amount of revolving loan: 26 000 EUR;
  2. Maximum loan amount: up to 150 000 EUR;
  3. For transactions above 150 000 EUR the borrower SME company should not be eligible under any InnovFin innovation criteria, and the following COSME conditions should be applicable:

            - Maximum loan amount with maturity up to 5 years: up to 3 000 000 EUR (for companies performing road freight transport maximum loan amount is 1 500 000 EUR);

              - Maximum loan amount with maturity up to 10 years: up to 1 500 000 EUR (for companies performing road freight transport maximum loan amount is 750 000 EUR).

  • Minimum loan maturity: 12 months;
  • Maximum loan maturity: 120 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investment, working capital revolving loans and especially for StartUps - convertible loans.

Please contact your Private banker for more information and for an individual offer. In addition, you could address us filling in the Contact us form, with details regarding your desired COSME loan transaction. UniCredit has a specialized department dealing with free of charge consultancy to companies in regards of EU funding programs and schemes, including COSME scheme.

  • Guarantee for subsidized loan for farmers
  • Speculative investment activities and speculative real estate transactions
  • Activities that are inconsistent with national law, including the Environmental Protection Act
  • Other activities prohibited by law
  • Activities involving fraud, illegal activities and other similar practices screened under internal rules and procedures of the Bank

The newly extended loan under COSME should not be used for refinancing of existing loans.

No; companies whose ultimate controlling owners are registered in an offshore zone are not eligible for the guarantee scheme.