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1. How to activate and log into M-token?

M-token activation
Open the Mobile services menu > M-token in Bulbank Online – follow the instructions on the page.
You will receive an email with information about your M-token ID.
You will receive an SMS with an activation code for M-token.
Open the M-token application and enter the codes.
Create a PIN code and remember the flag of the country that will appear.
Log into M-token
Confirm the PIN code and confirm your country flag.

What will happen in case I enter a wrong PIN code when logging into M-token?
If you enter a wrong PIN when you log into M-token, the application will show you a country flag other than yours for confirmation. In this case you will not be able to sign requests and payments successfully.

2. What is a one-time password and how to use it?

The one-time password is used for additional authorization when logging into Bulbank Online.

3. What is a code for signature and how to use it?

Open M-token and select the section Code for Signature, then enter the number displayed on the screen of Bulbank Online and click on Generate.
The generated code is entered in the field Code for signature in Bulbank Online in order to sign successfully.

4. How to change my M-token PIN?

You can change your PIN at any time from the Settings menu. Please note that after your PIN is changed successfully, your country flag will also change.

5. Can I activate M-token on more than one device?

No! M-token can be used on one device only. This guarantees that it is convenient for users, especially for those with more than one Internet banking account, as they will be able to use one M-token for all of their Bulbank Online accounts.

6. Do I need to have Internet connection on my phone?

No! M-token operates without a mobile network and Internet connection on your mobile device and can be used anywhere, including abroad.

7. What should I do if I want to use it on another device?

You need to open the M-token menu in Bulbank Online, select the reactivation option and follow the activation steps.

8. What should I do if I lose my phone?

If you lose your phone, deactivate your M-token from the M-token menu in Bulbank Online or call 0700 1 84 84 to have the application you used deactivated. Do not reveal your M-token PIN login information to anybody.

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