Pay your utility bills with Bulbank Mobile and you can win a prize

Until 31.08.2021 you can earn BGN 300 while paying your utility bills with a few clicks through the mobile banking application Bulbank Mobile.

The summer mood is starting to appear into our thoughts and we are dreaming more and more of beaches, crystal clear water and no worries. Well, from time to time we have to pay our bills for electricity, water, telephone or something else, but at least for that there is an easy way that will not take us out of the comfort zone.

Pay your utility bills through Bulbank Mobile and you can win a cash prize! 
Here's what you need to do?

Pay at least 12 bit bills through the Bulbank Mobile application by August 31, 2021 and we will automatically include you in the competition for 30 prizes of BGN 300 each, which you will receive back into your account.

With Bulbank Mobile you get more time for the important things and deserved conveniences in everyday life. What better than that!

We wish you success and a sunny mood!

Offiacial Terms and Conditions of the campaign.