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Check out the new functionalities and improvements in Bulbank Mobile:

Municipality Taxes and Fees

Check and pay local taxes and fees:

  • Property tax and Garbage tax
  • Vehicle taxes
  • Others

Ability to check your municipality taxes and fees. The same can be paid directly through a used current account. The check is available on EGN / BULSTAT, and the reference shows data provided by the municipal administrations. Local taxes and fees may also be paid to a Third Party and additional payment information is required.

Available in “Payments” menu >> “Taxes and fees”


Paying more than one utility bill at once

Ability to select and pay more than one obligation to one or more utility providers. At the same time, the possibility of editing and creating new saved searches for household accounts is preserved.

Available in „Payments“ >> „Utility bills“ >> „My bills“


Enriched information in card transaction notifications

Notifications for card transactions made with credit cards are enriched with the name of the merchant. A new card refund notification type has also been added.

Available as a push notification

We recommend that all users update the app to:


Android 3.21.0

iOS 3.20.0

Huawei 3.21.0