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Check out the new functionalities and improvements in Bulbank Mobile:


Bulbank Mobile now also for Huawei

The mobile banking application Bulbank Mobile with all its functionalities is available in the AppGallery for Huawei devices.


Instant payments (BLINK) 

Interbank transfers in BGN, which are executed instant in real time, following receipt into the National Card and Payment Scheme, which is part of BORICA AD. 

The fastest interbank transfers in national currency 24/7, 365 days in the year.

Instant payments are:

  • Credit BLINK transfer in BGN from/to an account with another payment service provider in Bulgaria part of BLINK scheme.
  • Transfer limit up to 20 000 BGN per transfer in Bulbank Mobile.
  • For individuals and business clients.

Minimum version of Bulbank Mobile for visualization of the feature

Android 3.10.0  |  iOS 3.9.0


Credit card statements

For each active major credit card with transactions for previous months are available monthly statements in PDF.

Extracts are listed in chronological order by year and month with the option to filter by period.

Available for any credit cards – on option bar: „Statements“  

Minimum version of Bulbank Mobile for visualization of the feature


Android 3.9.0  |  iOS 3.6.0


Notification management

New inbox management options in mobile banking:

  • Mark: mark one or more messages as read
  • Delete: delete one or more messages
  • Settings: quick access to the options for managing account movement notifications


Available on dashboard screen „My products” menu >> notification option and also „More“ menu >> „Messages”

Minimum version of Bulbank Mobile for visualization of the feature

Android 3.0.0  |  iOS 3.8.1


ID code for Bulbank Online log-in

Possibility to activate Bulbank Online already through mobile banking using the Bulbank Online login ID code. An ID code is displayed in the mobile application, which must be entered in Bulbank Online for its activation. After confirmation, it is necessary to create a name and password for registration in Bulbank Online.

ID code for Bulbank Online will be active 14 days.

Available in „More“ >> „Electronically / E-received ID code”


  • More detailed information about your utility bills

More information and details about each obligation when paying utility bills.

Available in the menu "Payments" >> "Utility bills" >> with a new utility bills in the payment form


  • Validation messages for all payment forms

Additional validations are added to all translation forms, including samples. Validations are related to allowed/disallowed characters in translation orders as required by BISERA and SWIFT.

Until now, validations were done on the "NEXT" button and the error "Internal service error" was displayed. A validation message will appear in red when a prohibited character is entered into a given field.


Minimum version of Bulbank Mobile for visualization of the feature

Android 3.0.0  |  iOS 3.0.0


  • Wallet optimization for Andorid and Huawei

Additional instructions have been added to clarify what actions users who do not have a card added to Wallet should take if they bring their phone close to a POS terminal.


(Android | Huawei)

  • An account level limit will no longer display an error screen. Added correct message.
  • Added information in the "Requests" menu, when a request is made for a mortgage loan, information about the amount and currency will be displayed.


We recommend that all users update the app to:


Android 3.10.0           iOS 3.9.0          Huawei 3.10.0