What’s new?


Check out the new functionalities and improvements in Bulbank Mobile:


Google Pay for UniCredit Bulbank’s clients is here! 


The Google Pay Wallet is an integrated functionality in Bulbank Mobile, by which customers of the bank with mobile phones with Android operating system have the possibility in an easy way to digitalise their VISA card in Google Wallet and subsequently:

  • Make contactless payments with their mobile phone - quickly, easily and securely.               
  • ATM withdrawal too.


The added VISA cards in Digital Wallet for Android will remain active until they are removed, Bulbank Mobile is reactivated or they are added to Google Pay Wallet.

In case the VISA card is removed from Digital Wallet for Android, there will be no option to add it again and will only be left with the Add to G Pay option in Bulbank Mobile.


The Digital Wallet for Android will remain to be used for:

  • Android device for Mastercard card.
  • Huawei device for VISA and Mastercard card.


Minimum version of Bulbank Mobile for visualization of the feature:

Android 3.12.0


Messages and notifications


  • Direct links to product requests in a Pop-up screen after log-in into the application.
  • The Push notifications will now have a title, thus becoming more personalized and focused in our communication.


Minimum version of Bulbank Mobile for visualization of the feature:

Android 3.12.0  |  iOS 3.11.0




  • Keyboard improvements.
  • Bug fixising related to the behavior of the application when indicating new messages: red dot to app logo and in-app notification bell.


We recommend that all users update the app to:


Android 3.12.0

iOS 3.11.0

Huawei 3.12.0