What’s new?


Check out the new functionalities and improvements in Bulbank Mobile:


Increased daily limit for payments to Third parties

The daily limit for payments in Bulbank Mobile is incresased to 20 000 BGN or their equivalent in currency

The payments between own accounts are kept with no limit. For payments over 30 000 BGN or their equivalent in currency is needed Origin of funds Declaration.


Change in notifications at account movements

The minimum possible notification amount is changed from BGN 10 to BGN 1.

You can set up to receive notifications when the amount on your account gets below a certain amount or when you receive/send funds.

Available in “Settings” of each account >> “Account notifications” and in menu “More” >> “Settings” >> “Notification settings”


It includes also bug fixes for Default Account

Possibility to set a default account for new payments.  The default account will be prefilled automatically for each new payment in the Ordering field and will be at the top of the list of accounts on the home screen.

(Available in “Accounts” >> “Settings”, “Default account for payments” option)