P2P Phone payment

Intrabank or interbank instant mobile payments using the blink P2P service) is a functionality of Bulbank Mobile e-banking service of UniCredit Bulbank, which provides a possibility to order and receive money transfers to and from an individual using his/her phone number saved in the Contacts on a device with an activated service.

BLINK is a settlement payment system which carries out the transfer of funds between the settlement bank accounts.

Transfers are executed instant in real time, following receipt into the system BLINK.

Instant payments (BLINK) in BGN under the BLINK scheme of the National Card and Payment Scheme, which is part of BORICA AD. The fastest interbank transfers in national currency 24/7, 365 days in the year.

Instant payments are:

  • Credit BLINK transfer in BGN from/to an account with another payment service provider in Bulgaria part of BLINK scheme.
  • Transfer limit up to 20 000 BGN per transfer in Bulbank Mobile
  • For individuals clients