The decision of ECB leads to pressure on revenues in Bulgaria too

The decision of ECB for deeper negative interest rates on excess reserves will put pressure on the revenues of banks in the eurozone and in Bulgaria as well. The effect felt by Bulgarian banks will be even stronger for several reasons.

ECB will give up on negative interest rates on excess reserves long before that could turn into a serious burden on banks

With its decision of today, ECB has made yet another move towards lowering interest rates on commercial banks’ excess reserves. What does that mean regarding interest rates at which banks grant loans and attract deposits from households and companies in the eurozone, and how far can ECB go along the way of deeper negative rates?

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Levon Hampartzoumian: Don’t be shy to ask before signing your loan contract

The low base interest rate is a way for central banks to tell the real sector: consume, invest, take loans, spend more. But as the real sector is cautious and acts as “once bitten, twice shy”, in the post-crisis years it is no longer so enthusiastic.

Levon Hampartzoumian: The asset quality review will be one more quality stamp

The bank deposits statistics, according to which the savings have increased, is a typical case that can be viewed as "the bottle is half empty or half full".

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The loans to deposits ratio is around 90%. This means that 90% of deposits have been given as loans to citizens and companies.