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WoMum Academy “Mothers in Business”

We at UniCredit, realise how big of a challenge it is to combine two roles in your day-to-day life – one of a working person, and one of a mother. We understand how values and habits might change and how being away from their job makes the period of maternity a period of re-evaluation and self-assessment for a lot of you. This is the reason why a lot of you make a turn in their careers, change their job or start their own business.

WoMum Academy “Mothers in Business”

This being said we would like to invite you to a series of events, specially organized for you - the Bulgarian mothers – a Learning academy that has for its purpose to enhance your professional qualification and to make your return from maternity easier, less stressful and more confident.  We will help you build upon some of your professional and personal skills and we will give you easy to follow practical advices for effectively managing your finances.

All of the trainings are completely free and will be conducted by professional trainers from UniCredit Bulbank who have many years of experience in the business.

The Academy will have a couple of learning modules the first of which is with the topic:
Communication skills: the art of convincing people.
Date: 13 November, 10 a.m.

We will follow up with more subjects depending on your interests and recommendations. You can check our website for updates.

You can register for the event in the form below.

The trainings will be held in UniCredit Bulbank’s Training center in St. Nedelya square 7, 6th floor.

For registration or additional information on the program you may contact us on e-mail: NvnBdbefnzAVojDsfejuHspvq/CH


Топ работодател

През 2019 година нашата водеща позиция като най-добър работодател в България беше потвърдена от международния институт Top Employers Institute и получихме престижните сертификати Top Employers Bulgaria и Top Employers Europe, присъждани само на най-добрите работодатели в света. Сертификатът потвърждава най-високото качество във всички области и условия на работа при нас.