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Ethics and Respect




Ethics and Respect

"Ethics" and "Respect" are the two values which represent what is important for our Group today.  They unite us and define our culture: how we make decisions and how we act on them. Through "Ethics and Respect" UniCredit generates long term, sustainable value from our business activities.

We aim to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, where everyone has the opportunity to contribute to our success. Our values are reflected in our human resource policies, which actively promote the full respect of the rights, value and dignity of people and the environment, making us an employer of choice.

Ethics and Respect - guidance in our day to day activities

"Ethics and respect" guide interactions amongst all colleagues, throughout the Group.

Everyone is expected to contribute in their daily activities toward creating and maintaining a work environment that is as respectful and harmonious as possible.

"Ethics and respect" enshrine the promotion of diversity and work-life balance, key to our Group.

We want to create an environment in which respect for, and attention to, colleagues' needs, health, and well-being are deemed essential to achieving sustainable results.

"Ethics and respect" strengthen our "speak-up culture" and protect against retaliation so that colleagues and third parties feel comfortable engaging in open and honest communication.

We encourage them to speak up without fear of retaliation relating to any situation that may involve unethical or illegal conduct or inappropriate interactions with others.

"Ethics and respect" apply to all Group business policies of sustainability and  stakeholder interaction, enabling the achievement of sustainable business success and long-term targets.

Targets and other business results are not considered achieved if they are not met in compliance with the Group Principles.

"Ethics and respect" mean fairness towards all stakeholders, at all times, to achieve sustainable results.

UniCredit colleagues, irrespective of seniority, responsibility and geographical area, are expected to do the right thing in their daily activities and to be fair towards all stakeholders to gain and retain their trust

Ethics and Respect - proactive promotion

Harassment, sexual misconduct and bullying


We provide up-to-date and mandatory training on anti-harassment, bullying and sexual misconduct to all employees and support to individuals.  We clearly outline several reporting channels.



The Group strictly prohibits any form of retaliation against employees who report possible ethical violations in good faith. We protect employees reporting misconduct through our confidential reporting channels.

Promoting gender balance

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Our Global Policy for Gender Equality, launched in 2013, sets out principles and guidelines to ensure a level playing field throughout the bank as a way of generating higher value. By signing the UK Women in Finance Charter in July 2018, we have set a target of doubling the number of women in senior  leadership roles at Group level to 20% by 2022.  We are proud to be included in the Bloomberg 2020 Gender Equality Index.

UniCredit makes tangible progress for a more diverse leadership

Value inclusion

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We listen to the needs of our diverse workforce by creating a better and more accessible working environment, based on inclusion. The Group Diversity and Inclusion Manager works alongside our CEO and other senior managers in specific meetings, discussing the importance of this topic. We also continue to raise awareness about how to recognise and tackle unconscious bias, to foster an inclusive culture.

UniCredit Diversity and Inclusion week 2019